Our Approach

Our approach is singular. We have three core beliefs that inform how we structure every wedding that we photograph. No matter what your day looks like - it will be guided by these three principles.

Only All Day ↓

01. Only All Day

All of our weddings are photographed from start to finish, with only the loosest of timelines. No looking at the clock, no rushing through a first look. Just breathe. You've got us all day. We won't have the wedding without you. 

By removing the stress of fitting a 12 hour day into an 8 hour box, we create room for the authentic and extraordinary.

02. Only Truth

If you've spent any amount of time on Pinterest or Instagram then you've seen the photo of a Bride and Groom kissing while everyone around them cheers, so excited to watch their friends make out. 

Beautiful. Fake. 

No faking, no pretending to be someone you're not. We will gently guide you to the good light, and document you as you truly are. 

03. Only Love

We're here to capture love. The joy it brings, the nerves and fear that comes with declaring it in front of everyone. The parts of love that are beautiful and picturesque, and the parts of love that could never be described as perfect. We're here for it all. 

We see love through a candid, authentic, less-than-posed lens.  We don't claim to be perfect, only to be in love. 

Frequently Asked


More often than not! Travel fees will be wrapped up into proposals that require them. We consider travel anything 3+ hours from Tampa, FL and work hard to keep prices fair and relevant to the travel required.


We shoot every wedding on a mixture of film and digital. The balance between the two will vary, but we prefer to shoot on film when the lighting allows!


Absolutely. I'd love to take a photo of you and Grandma, and I encourage you to share photos with me that make your heart sing! My goal for every wedding is to create images that could not exist elsewhere - born out of moments, not Pinterest boards. Inspiration is encouraged. Plagiarism is outlawed. 


We all but require it! Your photos will be delivered in print quality - we ask all of our couples to print their favorite images so that they can hold and feel what we saw.

what they're saying:

The best investment we made on our wedding day was the ability to relive it through Christian’s eyes. Christian has a gift at finding the little moments many would graze over - and with how busy your special day can feel, it’s an incredible experience sitting down for the first time going through your album together. You could not find a nicer, or more talented human being to capture this enormous moment for you!

Zach and Bayli